Reaching Coastal Maine

Dodging lobster traps and navigating through fog are par for the course when cruising the coast of Maine. Fortunately we have been moored or at anchor during the strong afternoon thunderstorms that have rolled over the coast and out to sea . I listened to the brilliant Ibram X. Kendi read his seminal book “How to be an Anti-Racist” in his mesmerizing preacher-like cadence as we sailed in light SW wind from Gloucester,MA to to York, ME, a motor sail of about 6 hours. Kendi’s arguments are so clear and he is so self-reflective that you can’t help but re-evaluate how you think about the structure of American life. My mind is so flexible when I am sailing—I can think deeply one moment and let the spacious sea swallow all thought in the next.

Snug York Harbor was full of fishing and pleasure boats. After a leisurely walk through the small village, past the gift shops, clothing shops and art gallery, we watched the lobsterman unload their catch at the town dock. We departed the mooring in the early morning and motored in light wind to Richmond Island, where we are now at anchor watching about a dozen sheep graze on the grassy southern shore, sprinkled with wild blueberry and raspberry bushes as the peachy sun casts a wavering orange path across the now calm silvery water in the harbor and a gentle swell lifts the hull. Even the gulls and cormorants are silent, listening to the breaking waves on the rocks as the perfect orange globe slips into the sea..


  1. Maine is so wonderful in the summer and you express it beautifully. I didn’t see the part of your book that was in Jonah magazine. Was it something you posted like this? How do I get to read that? Happy sailing 💙💙 J



  2. That was a really fast trip up to Maine. How long are you staying?
    We’re going to be up near Acadia 8/27-9/4


    1. Hey Billy, that reply was meant for my friend Jill, but I invite you to read it too. We will miss you in Maine! Since we will be on Block Island on September 4, we need to move west toward the Cape before then. We are exploring Casco Bay for a few days, then heading east.


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